About Us

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick little something about us. Our family consists of myself, Mac, and my husband, Wes, and our two children Will (13) and Max (1).

I have a bachelors in Cell and Molecular Biology   and a Master's in Healthcare Management and   my day job consists of working in non-profits helping individuals with disabilities. But one of   my biggest hobbies has ALWAYS been art and design.

Seriously guys - One time, my son had to   answer questions about his family and when he   was asked about his mom's favorite hobby - He put down that I am always decorating our house!

 I actually started this business while on maternity leave - No one tells you how much of yourself you lose after having a newborn baby, so I needed to do something that was mine, something that I loved doing. So I started doing graphic design, t-shirts, home decor for my friends and family. 

Slowly, through the loving reviews and recommendations of my friends, I started getting orders across the country and getting requests for a more variety of products - So, here we are!

I am always working on new designs, ideas, projects, and more. Follow us on social media and our blog to keep up to date with everything that we have going on!